How to Design Your Child’s Playroom

Every child deserves a playroom. It gives your little one a place to have fun and stretch their imagination. You want to create a room that inspires your child through the ages, so when designing their playroom, keep these things in mind:

Use multiple, bright colors

Color is the key to creativity. You can paint the walls a bright color, or you can keep them neutral and have multi-colored furniture and wall art. You could even cover one wall with a hand-drawn design that relates to one of your child’s favorite stories or hobbies.

Add cubbies and storage bins for organization

Let’s face it, this room is going to get messy. Your child has a lot of toys and they all have to go somewhere. Invest in some storage bins for organization, or cubbies to display your child’s toys, adding some personality to the room.

Have a table for arts and crafts

If your child loves painting or crafting, it’s best to give them a proper place to do that other than your new hardwood floor. Find a small table and some chairs, either wooden or plastic, that goes well with the room.

Display your child’s artwork

When your child starts using that table for art projects, be sure to find someplace to display them. Keep some wall space clear so you can hang up any drawings, using wooden hangers or a wire clothes line. If your child is more into crafting than drawing or painting, put up a shelf to display the items.

Add comfortable seating

Comfy seating is essential, especially for reading, nap time, or playing with toys. Put in a few bean bag chairs, a small daybed for naptime, or some upholstery furniture. Here at Design Craft Upholstery, we make special, creative upholstery for children’s rooms and play spaces. Give us a call at 435-775-7620 to see what we could design for your child’s playroom.