5 Rules for Mixing Patterns in Your Interior Design

Incorporating a vibrant mix of textures and patterns in your interior design adds visual interest and contrast to any room. Yet for the interior design newbie, it can be a challenge. Here are some simple rules for mixing patterns in your interior design:

Pick a Palette

Mixed patterns look best when they fall within the same color palette. Do you prefer warm reds and oranges, or cool blues and greens? Choose which colors look best in your space and find patterns in those hues. Also, pick patterns with the same color intensity, and avoid those that don’t match. For example, avoid mixing pastels with jewel tones.

Choose Three Patterns Per Room

You can have more, but odd numbers always seem to make things work. Just make sure they’re varied in scale. A general rule is to choose one large pattern, one medium and one small.

Distribute Patterned Pieces Evenly

If you’ve got a couch with mixed upholstery and throw pillows in the middle of an otherwise simple room, it can look odd. For best results, design your interior with patterns distributed throughout the room.

Consider Texture

When mixing patterns, mix textures as well—some smooth, some rougher, some embroidered, etc.

Function Matters

Larger patterns will pull a space together and establish a sense of harmony, whereas smaller patterns are best used to draw the eye’s attention to one area of the room.

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