What to Consider When Choosing a Sofa Color

So, you’re on the hunt for a sofa; this means you’re looking at the levels of comfort throughout your options and at the size of each, of course, to ensure that your new piece can actually fit in your space.

Now it’s time to think about color!

Here are a few things to consider before choosing the color of your new sofa:

Your sofa’s aesthetic purpose

First determine the aesthetic purpose of your couch.

More often than not, a sofa serves as either the focal point or an accent of a room. The color of your sofa, then, depends on how much you want the furniture to stand out.

When your sofa is the centerpiece of your room, choose vibrant colors and patterns that instantly attract the eye. Select a subtler, more neutral color for accent sofas that aim to highlight other more important parts of your space.

Your room’s color schemes

How do you choose just one color for your sofa?

With so many hues and patterns to pick from, committing to one choice can be overwhelming. Make the decision a bit easier by using the existing color scheme of your space.

If you plan on adding a couch to an already decorated space, simply choose a color that meshes well with your pre-existing color palette.

If you plan on redecorating, try first choosing your room’s accents and artwork and then selecting a sofa color that complements your choices.

Your family’s habits

Having young children, messy family members, or furry pets should be factored into your color choice. Your family’s habits, such as eating and drinking on the couch, are another determining factor.

Dark colors hide stains and spills better than light colors, and pet fur is harder to clean off of white fabric.

How often you use your couch and for what purposes can help guide you in selecting the best color sofa that suits your lifestyle!

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