Furniture Restoration

Some of the most beautiful and elegance furniture pieces made over the decades are made from wood and leather. These materials can also become damaged over the years and the beauty of the piece can become covered underneath the damage. Design Craft Upholstery specializes in leather and wood furniture restoration, revitalizing antiques and beloved furniture pieces with artful detail.


We conduct wood furniture restoration and leather furniture restoration in Everett, Washington, and the surrounding areas for businesses, families and individuals. From simple repairs to complete restorations, we transform old or damaged pieces and make them look new again. If your antiques and valuable furniture pieces have simply been worn down over years of use, we restore the integrity and aesthetic beauty of the piece. We bring out the stark details that have worn away, restore the vibrancy of upholstery, the sheen of the leather and the polished quality of the overall piece. We also restore heavily damaged pieces, including scratches, broken joints, cracks, tears and more.


Keep your favorite furniture pieces looking new and do not settle for cheap imitations. Contact us to learn more about wood and leather furniture restorations and get a quote for your piece.