Creative Upholstery


Creative upholstery can turn a regular room into an extraordinary on. At Design Craft Upholstery, we put our skills, tools, and techniques to work to create custom upholstery for many different spaces and situations. From kids’ rooms to malls to prominent homes and business, we can make a unique, custom upholstery set for any space.

Creative Upholstery Services

Creative upholstery not only transforms furniture, it also transforms a space to make it uniquely your own. Our creative upholstery services can craft brand new pieces, or restore old ones, in order to represent your preferred décor and showcase your personality.

Creative upholstery is great for all kinds of rooms and spaces, including the following:

· Kids’ rooms

· Playrooms

· Malls

· Businesses

· And more

We make each piece safe and comfortable for children to use. We also ensure that each piece is a colorful and interesting addition to an imaginative environment. If you are looking for a distinctive and memorable look for your business, we also design specialty furniture with custom upholstery to match your business décor or colors. Order custom, creative upholstery for your space. Call us today at 435-775-7620 to receive a free quote and phone consultation.