3 Benefits of Leather Furniture

We’ll be honest here: we love leather.

Not only is it sleek and is a favorable choice among interior designers, leather is full of advantages that make it particularly ideal for furniture.

Leather will never go out of style

Let’s think about leather for a second. Where else have you seen a material that is both associated with an age-old couch, and a modern one? Right? That is not by coincidence. L

Leather has been attracting furniture lovers for generations, as a comfortable material that can very much live on in whatever era’s it is in. Perhaps it’s due to the unique look that leather provides, or its utility.

Leather is no match for stains

Speaking of: utility. Someone dropped juice or red wine on the furniture. Now, what are you going to do?

If you have leather, then the answer is clear: don’t worry! Leather is one of the most stain-resistant materials on the market and is recommended for the more social of hosts.

It’s as if leather could last a lifetime

And since it’s stain-resistant, leather tends to last a while. Durability of a product here is key, which is why, often, leather costs more than fabric materials. But the upfront cost is seriously worth the investment: you’ll likely have that leather furniture in your possession for longer, given its ability to be cleaned with ease, and affect any room’s decor positively. Like many furniture pieces before it, leather will live on in that way.

Now you can see why at Design Craft Upholstery, we love leather. Which is why we offer upholstery services for all types of furniture. If you’re looking to ensure proper leather furniture repair, restoration and upholstery, call us at 425-775-7620 today!