The Best Kid-Friendly Fabric for Sofas

We love our kids, but let’s face it, they’re not the cleanest beings on earth. They track in dirt, spill their drinks, jump on the sofa cushions, and suddenly that brand new couch doesn’t look very brand new anymore. However, when you’re out buying a new sofa after the last one got ripped to shreds, you should think about choosing one with the proper fabric to hold up against your children. Here are a few to look out for:


Microfiber is one of the toughest fabrics there is. That’s because they’re largely stain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about all of those accidental spills. An added bonus is that microfiber comes in a variety of textures, from suede to corduroy.


Leather is expensive, but a leather couch will be a good investment in the long run. Leather is extremely durable, easy to clean, and unlike other kinds of fabric it won’t hold onto odors. Just keep in mind that if you have pets, their claws can leave marks.


Vinyl is similar to leather in looks and durability, but it’s also cheaper, so if a leather couch seems too much, you can always opt for vinyl instead.


Durable and easy to spot-clean, wool is a great choice for families. They’re also less prone to snagging or wrinkling than other fabrics.


A good pair of jeans are fairly sturdy. The same can be said of a denim sofa. Plus, denim is available in a wide array of colors, so it can go with practically any space or color scheme that you have.

These fabrics will all hold up well against everything your children will throw at them. However, even the most durable fabric will begin to wear as the years pass. If that’s the case, then consider taking it to Design Craft Upholstery where our furniture and upholstery restoration services can make that old couch look like new again.

How to Design a Small Space

Small spaces are difficult to design. The lack of space means you can’t fit many pieces in it without it feeling cramped. But there are a few decor tricks you can use to make your tiny room seem bigger than it is.

Don’t be afraid of white walls

Dark colors are a small room’s worst nightmare. To brighten things up, either paint the walls a light color, or paint them completely white. White walls are the best at giving the illusion that there’s more space in a room than there really is. While some people may shy away from white because of its simplicity, you can always make up for that by adding pops of color and/or texture around the room.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who’s the fairest of them all? More seriously, though, mirrors can reflect light and images, creating a space that’s much larger and more open than it really is. And don’t be afraid to go big, as the bigger the mirror, the bigger your space will appear (just make sure it fits the wall).

Opt for low furniture

Large, clunky furniture can easily cramp up a small space. Instead, opt for pieces of furniture that are lower to the ground. By using lower furniture, it’ll make your ceilings look taller and, by extension, make your room appear larger.

Use sectionals for narrow spaces

Finding a sofa can be difficult if your space is small and narrow, that’s why sectionals are your best bet. Most sectionals are long rather than wide, and they’re also low to the ground, both of which are great for narrow spaces. Sectionals can also be tucked up into one of the corners of your room to save even more space.

Maybe you already have the perfect pieces of furniture to add to your small room, but they’ve seen better days. If that’s the case, then contact Design Craft Upholstery. We can restore all kinds of furniture for residents in the Everette, Seattle, and Lynnwood areas. So give us a call at 425-775-7620 to see how we can help transform your space today.

How to Design Your Child’s Playroom

Every child deserves a playroom. It gives your little one a place to have fun and stretch their imagination. You want to create a room that inspires your child through the ages, so when designing their playroom, keep these things in mind:

Use multiple, bright colors

Color is the key to creativity. You can paint the walls a bright color, or you can keep them neutral and have multi-colored furniture and wall art. You could even cover one wall with a hand-drawn design that relates to one of your child’s favorite stories or hobbies.

Add cubbies and storage bins for organization

Let’s face it, this room is going to get messy. Your child has a lot of toys and they all have to go somewhere. Invest in some storage bins for organization, or cubbies to display your child’s toys, adding some personality to the room.

Have a table for arts and crafts

If your child loves painting or crafting, it’s best to give them a proper place to do that other than your new hardwood floor. Find a small table and some chairs, either wooden or plastic, that goes well with the room.

Display your child’s artwork

When your child starts using that table for art projects, be sure to find someplace to display them. Keep some wall space clear so you can hang up any drawings, using wooden hangers or a wire clothes line. If your child is more into crafting than drawing or painting, put up a shelf to display the items.

Add comfortable seating

Comfy seating is essential, especially for reading, nap time, or playing with toys. Put in a few bean bag chairs, a small daybed for naptime, or some upholstery furniture. Here at Design Craft Upholstery, we make special, creative upholstery for children’s rooms and play spaces. Give us a call at 435-775-7620 to see what we could design for your child’s playroom.

5 Rules for Mixing Patterns in Your Interior Design

Incorporating a vibrant mix of textures and patterns in your interior design adds visual interest and contrast to any room. Yet for the interior design newbie, it can be a challenge. Here are some simple rules for mixing patterns in your interior design:

Pick a Palette

Mixed patterns look best when they fall within the same color palette. Do you prefer warm reds and oranges, or cool blues and greens? Choose which colors look best in your space and find patterns in those hues. Also, pick patterns with the same color intensity, and avoid those that don’t match. For example, avoid mixing pastels with jewel tones.

Choose Three Patterns Per Room

You can have more, but odd numbers always seem to make things work. Just make sure they’re varied in scale. A general rule is to choose one large pattern, one medium and one small.

Distribute Patterned Pieces Evenly

If you’ve got a couch with mixed upholstery and throw pillows in the middle of an otherwise simple room, it can look odd. For best results, design your interior with patterns distributed throughout the room.

Consider Texture

When mixing patterns, mix textures as well—some smooth, some rougher, some embroidered, etc.

Function Matters

Larger patterns will pull a space together and establish a sense of harmony, whereas smaller patterns are best used to draw the eye’s attention to one area of the room.

Ready to decorate your home with a mix of patterns? At Design Craft Upholstery, we can reupholster your furniture in a wide variety of fabrics. Give us a call today at (425) 775-7620 to find out more.

Interior Design Trends: 2019 Edition

With 2019 underway, it’s time to bring your home décor to life with this year’s most popular trends!

Read on to learn about the interior design trends of 2019 and some tips for how you can incorporate these into your décor overhauls.

Go natural

Having greenery incorporated in your living space not only invites more oxygen and an earthy vibe, but also catches the eye. Think of including big bold plants and trees and be sure to hold on to the care instructions!

There is nothing worse than watching a plant wilt away. Tender love and care are key.

Get bold

Thinking of a fresh paint job? Consider going dark and moody instead of the traditional light grey and blue hues. Think dark navy, an eggplant purple, perhaps even a deep burnt orange to spice it up!

Not sure you can commit to painting an entire room in a bold hue? Consider painting one ‘accent’ wall with a daring color and compliment the other walls with a more natural color. Looking for more color ideas? Check out the top 15 of 2019!

Go soft and luxurious

Get ready to see velvet make a comeback in 2019.

From women’s fashion to room décor, velvet is having its moment this year. Doesn’t laying on a soft velvet sofa sound cozy? Get inspired to incorporate this lux fabric into your room overhaul.

Do you have a piece of furniture that you love but could use a velvet upgrade? We reupholster—this simple switch can truly transform your space!

Get brassy

It’s time to leave stainless steel in 2018 and welcome brass into your home in 2019. Think about making the switch on cabinets and faucets with this classy alternative.

Go printed

From contemporary shapes to florals, you can choose how bold you want to go. Oversized geometrics can make a bold statement, while subtle prints, including floral can be an easy and chic way to refresh the feel of a room.

Incorporate these patterns into your wallpaper, statement-making décor, or furniture! It makes sense to keep the sofa and comfortable chairs that treat you well, so reupholstering is the way to go, especially with so many more fabric options and increased durability.

There’s really no limit to how you can spruce up your living quarters this year. And for all of your reupholstery and restoration needs, contact the team at Design Craft Upholstery!