Antique Restoration

Design Craft Upholstery provides antique restoration to bring your beautiful furniture pieces back to their original beauty. Regardless of the level of damage or the type of antique you would like restored, we work carefully to restore your valuable pieces. We work with antique furniture of all types and maintain the individual craftsmanship and character of the piece, all the while removing any signs of damage.

How Our Antique Furniture Restoration Services Work

With our antique furniture restoration services, you can have your priceless family heirlooms, collectibles, and décor masterpieces fully restored. We understand the value of your antiques, and it’s why we put 35 years of experience behind our work. We seek to bring out the beauty of your piece’s original details and structures, preserving its character and uniqueness.

Here’s what we do:

· For wood pieces that have been scratched, cracked, or have been covered with false finishes, we strip the outer layer and refinish the pieces individually to match the original design.

· For cloth, leather and other upholstery that has been torn, stained or worn, we match new upholstery to the original cloth, revitalizing the color and beauty of the piece. Learn more about our antique furniture restoration services. Contact us to get a free quote or phone consultation for your piece today!