4 Signs That It’s Time to Restore Your Old Furniture

There will come a day when that beloved old couch of yours just won’t look like it used to. But how can you tell between furniture that’s simply old, and furniture that needs some restoration? Here we breakdown the tell-tale signs that your old furniture needs to be restored:

You hear creaking noises

If you sit down on your couch or chair and hear squeaking, popping, or creaking each time, then that’s a sign of structural damage that needs to be repaired. It could either be the joints that are weakening, or the metal springs.

The cushions are flat and lack support

Over years of constant use, the cushions are going to lose their compression, and when you sit down, you’ll sink right into the springs. This is uncomfortable to sit in, to say the least, so it’s something you should fix as soon as possible. And if the cushions are the only problem, then just focus on getting those fixed, and leave the rest of the couch or chair as is.

It’s wobbly

A wobbly desk, dresser, table, or other types of furniture is a sign that the frame is no longer sturdy. This will also impact the drawers (if it has any), as they’ll be more difficult to open and close.

There are scratches, dents, or burns

A piece of furniture that is used often will likely take some damage over the years. A scratch here and there is one thing, but when the piece is covered in them (or has unsightly dents and burns), then it’s time to take it someplace to get restored.

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